• Seat Upholstery motorcycle
  • Seat Upholstery motorcycle

Bosozoku Seat Upholstery For Bike

Bosozoku style seat (暴走族 , literally “violent driving group”) upholstery is called san-dan seat for motorcycle. All in all, a san-dan seat (三段シート) or “sandan shi-to”, means three-stage seat. You must know that this bike was done for display purposes only, it is not recommended to be used on the road.

Uniquely Extraverted Japanese Motorcycle Gang

If you watch Japanese Drama/Movie/Anime, I am sure you will understand this term 暴走族 Bosozoku.

Basically it is a term that refers to Biker Gang in Japan. It definitely reminds me of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka).

Again, we have to remind you that this is not legal in Singapore. Because it violates safety standards or noise regulations. In another words, it is for display purposes only.

In addition, Bosozoku style cars or motorcycles are described as the cars or bikes driven by Japanese gangs.

However, there are a lot of people who likes the Bosozoku styling even though they are not a member of a gang.

There are different names given to it, for example, such heavily modified cars and bikes are also called Zokusha.

Here, you can find out more from this blog post on what bosozoku is.

Creative Bosozoku Japanese Design Motorcycles

Of course, you can also explore more in this blog by hotcars.com for the creative design. Have fun looking at the exaggerated styled motorcycle designs!

Have More Than Just A San-Dan Seat Cushioning!

As you know, we have been around in the industry for more than ten years.

Besides upholstery for motorbikes, we do all kinds of upholstery!

You are welcomed to browse our gallery for more design and styles for inspirations!

Have A Comfortable Seat

We can cut or add cushion for your motorcycle seat, or put gel padding into your seat to make riding more comfortable. In addition, we have anti-slip seat cover, carbon fibre seat cover, faux brown leather seat cover, flower pattern seat cover and many more!

Please drop by our shop to say hello and view all available materials.

A Variety of Seat Paddings and Wrappings

After seeing the creative bosozoku styles, you might want to look for something safe but creative for yourself.

You are spoiled for choices with different types of seat wrappings, from vinyl to leather or the upholstery foam etc.

In conclusion, just come and visit us or call us to find out more.

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