• Arai Helmet Custom Decals With Emiliano Cyrus Name on it
  • A Juzz Wheelzz Designed Arai Helmet with Custom design for young Kart-Racer Emiliano Cyrus

Custom Decals for Arai Helmet

A custom design for an inspired young racer’s Arai helmet.

This red and dark green stripes on the helmet is filled with subtle graphics.

Arai Helmet for A Young Rider

We had a request to customise a design for a very young rider, Emiliano Cyrus!

Emiliano Cyrus Kart Racer wearing Juzz Wheelzz Custom Design Arai Helmet

A Young Kart-Racer’s Safety Headgear

Emiliano Cyrus is a young prodigy. Moreover, he is multi-talents and an ambassador for GT Group.

In addition, Emiliano has proven that he has what it takes to be fast at the track.

Find out more about Emiliano Cyrus here on auto-racing webpage.

Let’s look at this young man in action!

Young Emiliano Cyrus in full Kart-racing gear with Juzz Wheelzz Custom Design Arai Head Gear in Adria
Young racer Emiliano Cyrus sitting on Kart

A Safe Arai Helmet with Unique Design

As we told you before, a safe helmet is very important. Especially when you are on the road or in a kart-race!

Moreover, you will want everything to be as lightweight as possible.

Of course, you might think that a heavier helmet will give you better protection.

At the same time, heavier helmet puts a strain your neck in cases of crash.

The Go-kart helmets are specifically designed to be crash-proof.

Secondly, you are all covered in the helmet with only your eyes to be seen!

Moreover, you are in a race and every kart racer is wearing a helmet like you do.

Then how are your fans and supporters going to recognise you from afar?

Of course, you have a number on your kart.

So the point is, having a uniquely designed helmet will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

CERTAINLY, Emiliano has his name on his helmet decals! I am sure you won’t miss it!

Emiliano Cyrus getting ready to race

Emiliano Cyrus getting ready to race. Photo Credit: Emiliano Cyrus Facebook Page

Young Emiliano Cyrus racing in Adria with Juzz Wheelzz Custom Design Arai Helmet

Get Yours Uniquely Customised

Your helmet means a lot, not just for your safety but your personality as well.

In conclusion, you can have a special one you call your own. Come down and talk to us.

Besides Arai Helmets, we also customise helmet decals for different helmet brands.  Definitely, it ranges from AGV to Schuberth Helmets as well as Shoei Helmets etc

You can browse through our helmet design gallery for some inspirations.

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