• Office Wall Decal for Smart Event Hub DO EPIC shIT
  • Office Wall Decal for Smart Event Hub MAKE shIT HAPPEN

Creative Office Wall Decal Stickers for Smart Event Hub

Office wall decal sticker for Smart Event Hub!

We went down to this event company to spice up their office. Motivating their staff, with the word play and color play.

Smart Event Hub shared this on their facebook page as well!

Creative Word Play Decal Stickers for Office Wall

We printed and applied two wall decals on Smart Event Hub’s office walls.

The bold and tongue-in-cheek sentence “MAKE shIT HAPPEN.“, was made into wallpaper stickers. We achieved the intended effect and amusement with the colour difference on the alphabets with this decal sticker on the office wall.

Similarly, a clever and witty use of the colours in the word can be seen in “MAKE shIT EPIC.”. Surely, this eye-catching wall decor sticker will grab your attention.

Office Wall Decal Stickers

Many companies and organisations come to us to apply wall quotes using decal vinyl stickers. You can place company logo, vision and mission to taglines or motivational quotes on your office walls. On top of that, we can also custom design graphic prints that suit your needs. Not to mention, the essential ones like opening hours, contact details on your door front as well.

More Than Walls Can Tell

You can express your creativity and think out of the box with different ways of applying decals. Of course, we are known for our superb decal vinyl stickers for motorcycles and cars. However, these creativities and design can also be applied on walls and more!

Like we said, it is more than walls. Besides, motorbikes, cars, helmets and walls, there are many other different ways as well! Thus, do have a look at our gallery of portfolios on how these stickers can be applied. It ranges from windows, grills, bicycles, mobile phones, laptops, doors, event counters etc!

Be In Touch

Yes we do wall decals too, may it be office, shop, stall, home. We are able to custom size color graphics to suit your need! Contact us via email:
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