• The Side Profile of the Motorbike headgear with "Red" on its left and the "R" slightly touching the front
  • Left Back Profile of the KTM Helmet with subtle graphics on the letters
  • Full Back Profile of Scorpion Helmet Redbull KTM with different shades of gray for the text
  • The Right Profile of the Scorpion Helmet shows the word "Bull"
  • Scorpion Helmet Redbull KTM

Scorpion Helmet Redbull KTM

A custom design for Scorpion Helmet, with Redbull, KTM decals, for an owner of Superduke 1290.

Red Bull

What Red Bull stands for is that it “gives you wings”. This means that it provides skills, abilities, power etc. to achieve whatever you want to. In addition, it is an invitation as well as a request to be active, performance-oriented, alert, and to take challenges. Many riders like to put “Red Bull” to show their energy and strength to charge like a Red Bull! Of course, safety is of utmost importance, do ride safely on the road.

The Colour Combination

The classic pairing of blue and orange never fails to inspire; it is another good example of where opposites attract.

Of course, the cool tones of blue emphasises the warmth that orange radiates. This pairing is often found in nature too and is meant to be comforting and familiar to the human eye.

The energy from this orange shade sets off the soft powder blue perfectly. The pop of orange shows that you are not afraid to stand out.

The Scorpion Headgear

The ScorpionExo has been known for its dedication in offering high quality and innovative motorcycle helmets.

Their helmets are given attention to details that maximises comfort and more importantly the safety. Like Juzz Wheelzz, ScorpionExo owns and operates their manufacturing facilities. This is to have full control over their products.

Custom Helmet Decals Specialist in Singapore

Juzz Wheelzz Graphix Pte Ltd specialises in custom decals.

In addition to the 15 years of experience under our belt, we worked on thousands of vehicles.

Moreover, we have the expertise and experience to work on uncommon vehicles such as: F1 car, speedboat, RC boat, ATV, golf buggy, mini bikes etc.

In conclusion, our experienced designers will work with you closely on your vehicle, to create the design you always dream of!

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