• Specialized Holographic Bicycle Decals
  • Specialized Holographic Bicycle Decals

Specialized Holographic Bicycle Decals

Specialized Holographic Bicycle Decals.

We changed the stripes, logo and words on this bicycle with Holographic decals.

It was a tedious and intricate process. This is because there are many models in a brand and each model have different logo sizes.

We have to hand-trace the logo and words one by one. Our team wants to make sure that the decal is able to cover the original completely.

It is often based on trial and error, as it was hand-traced.  Tracing it manually will definitely run off a little here and there.

But with adjustments and experience, we were be able to make sure the decals are able to cover the original. While doing it, the integrity of the logo is kept well.

How Holographic decals are made.

Holograms are made on a glass plate that has been previously treated with iron oxide. After that, it is being coated with photoresist.

The material then creates a chemical reaction. The set lightwaves that are used creates the hologram effects.

Commercial hologram manufacturers commonly use a variety of laser types. This includes ruby, helium-cadmium and krypton-argon ion.

The technical part…

The illumination of a physical object reflects light onto the photoresist surface.

At the same time, the light is projected onto the surface.

The meeting of these two beams of light results in a reaction with the photo-sensitive surface, creating an image of the object.

This exposure can take as little as a second, and anywhere up to a minute.

Even the slightest movement can result in a blurred image, so it’s extremely important that everything is carefully controlled throughout the hologram creation process.

– hague-group.com

Decal Vinyl Sticker Customisation Specialist in Singapore

Juzz Wheelzz Graphix Pte Ltd specialises in customising vinyl decal stickers in Singapore.

Besides cars, motorcycles, bicycles, we are skilled in working on uncommon vehicles too.

Without doubt, with the 15 years of experience under our belt, we definitely have the expertise to work on different types of vehicles.

For example, F1 car, speedboat, RC boat, ATV, golf buggy, mini bikes etc.

In conclusion, our experienced designers will work with you closely on your vehicle.

And, we create the design you always dream of!

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