• Vespa Wrapped Brown Camouflage Decals

Vespa Wrapped Brown Camouflage Decals

We customised Camouflage colors and pattern to cater the customer’s preference for his Vespa.

This Vespa was wrapped with brown camouflage decals.

In addition, the pannier was also wrapped with the same decal design and colours.

Camouflage is one of the most popular choices for wraps. It is very versatile and sporty looking. Needless to say, it suits all types of vehicles.

Firstly, the military commonly use camouflage to blend in or disguise themselves. Secondly, it works for their equipments and vehicles with the blended background during a combat. In conclusion, these give their troops a tactical advantage. In addition, it was slowly introduced into fashion in the 70s. Also, later on on street vehicles and other accessories as the popularity grew.

Camouflage is a survival tactic for animals and insects. Firstly, they can use it as an advantage to blend in with the environment. Secondly, as a prey it is used so that they are difficult to detect for predators. Thirdly, they can stay hidden out of sight.

Moreover, as a predator they can use this advantage to sneak up to their prey. Alternatively, they can simply stay motionless at a location for a period of time. So as to wait for an opportunity to strike.

Time For You to Camouflage Your Own

We are able customise all types of colours for your motorbike. Besides primary colours, we have army, urban camouflage and airforce camouflage etc. In addition, you can also choose Disruptive Pattern Material DPM, digital camouflage and many more.

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