• Yamaha R3 Seat Upholstery
  • Yamaha R3 Seat Upholstery
  • Yamaha R3 Seat Upholstery

Yamaha R3 Seat Upholstery

Yamaha R3 Seat Upholstery. This seat contains 3 different types of materials, blue highlights, carbon fibre on the sides and anti slip in the middle, and with yellow stitchings too!

Highly Customised Upholstery Specialist In Singapore

Each and everyone of it is customised in terms of the internal cushion, soft, hard, high, low, curved or straight.

We also customise covers, with over 40 different types of colors and texture to choose from, color of the stitches, tubings to make it looks more elegant or even mix and matching materials, up to 4 at times!

A Good Seat for A Good Ride

A good and comfortable seat is very important when you are riding on the road. A major part of enjoying the ride is to have a comfortable seat. This is especially crucial when you have a long ride ahead, or you are doing deliveries on your bike.

One of the most common issue with seats, is that it is torn, and water seeped in after a rainy day. You will have to get to your destination sitting on it with your butt wet and mushy.

All of our covers are waterproof, even if there were to be stitching, we’ll put a layer of silicon under the cover to make sure water doesn’t seep through.

Another common issue is that the cushion is too hard and uncomfortable. It is usually use to old and inferior cushion used for the seat. Some cushion, over a long period of time, it hardens.

We are able to cut away the top layer of tough cushion and replace it with softer new cushion. This is definitely butt friendly. Another way is to insert a piece of gel in between the cushion. This is usually the preferred choice for delivery riders and long distance touring riders. And of course the best way to shut whiny pillions up!

Get Your Butt Comfortable Now

For 15 years in the industry we have done thousands different types of seats. For motorcycles, e-bikes, golf buggy, yacht, dining chair etc. Contact Us now for your own upholstery customised for you.

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